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“Stewart is an awesome trainer and I've been working out with him for about a year and a half now! I  definitely see results in my weight and my endurance and I am overall more healthy with the help of Stew! If you want a great workout and a fun time doing it, this is the trainer for you! I highly recommend BSP..........

Jeniffer M


Best Trainer Ever!!! Stew is an amazing personal trainer. Before coming to him I never realized what I was capable of in terms of working out. He encourages and challenges his clients every single workout. He has been very impactful and has helped me make lifestyle changes. Definitely check  out his boot camp and personal training sessions. You will NOT be dissapointed! Very reasonable prices and you will get your money's worth!

Karen Arrington



If you're looking for a great Boot camp/Trainer Stewart it's the "Man" he's absolutely the best!!I have tried so many trainers over the years and Stewart just gets me results am looking for!! I wouldn't be feeling this good about my body and what is capable of it if wasn't for his guidance, knowledge, help and push to be Better... Thank you for all the pain and sweat!!! Ready for the Next Step 

Erikah L.


I've been working out with Stewart since August 2014, and I have seen such a transformation in my physique. He is such a great trainer who is very knowledgeable in the fitness field. He doesn't just stand by and watch his clients, but he works out with us on many occasions. He accepts all levels and is very patient with everyone. Stewart motivates and encourages each person he trains, and at the same time he pushes us beyond our limits in order for us to receive the best results. I look forward to every session I have with him and I'm never disappointed with the workouts. Stewart is the best!!!

Jackie Taylor



I'Ve begin training with Stewart at BSP Fitness in late November 2019. His training style and meal plans are both producing results in the loss of inches and pounds. My husband and I go 2x a week at 5am. Stewart is always on time and flexible as needed with our schedules. While the training is challenging, it is achievable and helps you to reach your fitness goals. We highly recommend BSP Fitness for men and women of all ages and activity levels.

Portia grant


Stewart (owner and Personal Trainer) is an amazing trainer, and he’s very knowledgeable of nutrition and fitness techniques to achieve any fitness goals. He takes the time with each and every client to customize a fitness plan based on their desired goals. I’ve been training with BSP for the past 3 years and have been nothing short of satisfied with my own individual results. I’d recommend BSP to anyone who’s serious about changing their lifestyle and achieving their fitness goals. BSP Fit for me!
j. Antwoinne johnson....


One of the best decisions I've made was to join BSP! I was a lanky guy with bad posture and now I defintely see results that I can be proud of. My trainer is the absolute best and knows exactly what he's doing! He never pushes me to do anything extreme but he keeps me motivated at the same time! Joining BSP has helped build my confidence and I always look forward to my workouts now!
kindsoul kitchen


What I like about Stewart from BSP Fit is that he knows how to motivate me and he makes each of my training sessions challenging but rewarding. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as your personal trainer if you want to achieve your fitness and health goals.

If motivation, flexibility, and a personal approach is what your looking for in a Personal trainer, then Stewart is the man for you!
Waddell l.



Stewart has been my trainer for 2 ½ years. Since starting with him at BSP, I can definately see the results. His workout routines continue to develope my physical appearance and increase my self confidence. Thanks to his meal plans, I have improved my eating habits. I feel much healthier and I have so much more energy. Stewart is very flexible with scheduling and structures the workouts to my specific needs. He encourages and pushes me even when I think I can't. If you are looking for a personal trainer who is knowledgeable and cares about their clients results Stewart -------is your man!
Timothy mcgay


I was looking for a personal trainer on FB and I chose BSP Fit because Stewart practices what he teaches. My goal is to be flexible, lean and toned and watching him do various excercises in his videos I was sure he could get me there. I signed up my whole family! My husband and I meet with Stewart twice a week and he assessed our tweenagers to create an age appropriate, healthy and safe routine for them in order to increase their strength and agility for track season! I made the right choice and we will be clients for a long time.
Brandie jackson


Stewart is an excellent trainer and provides a variety of workouts that keep me on my toes!
Toya hunt

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