About Us

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At Body Sculpting & Performance our mission is to  provide you with a more functional approach to exercise that is very effective in helping you achieve your goal. Everyone wants to look good, but we understand that it's more abaout providing you with programs that help you reach your goals and for you to also physically function at YOUR BEST!! We believe in "Creating the Best You", that's you at your healthiest, strongest and most confident. You will achieve feats you never thought you could through our program, but this will require your best effort, your commitment and dedication. This means always pushing to be better than you were yesterday. If you're ready to start living a healthier more positive lifestyle, Sign Up Today and try one of our services below or on our Service Page.

            1 on 1 Training

So maybe you're a little bit intimidated by group training, but really commited to improving your health. Well 1 on 1 training is a great way to get you started along your journey for "Creating the Best You". Our program is designed to teach you along the way and not just lead you thru a workout. By teaching you, you will posses the knowledge needed to succeed and live a healthier more positive lifestyle. The workouts will challenge and push you to be better, while also ensuring you reach your goals. As you progress, so will your program, to ensure you never plateau. Sign Up Today and let's start "Creating the Best You"

            2 on 1 Training


We offer 2 on 1 personal training at a discounted rate for those who want to workout with their husband, wife, best friend, sibling, teammate or whoever they choose to. 2  on 1 training is both motivational & fun and a great way to draw energy from your training partner. There's nothing like the added support of a loved one to motivate you and keep you accountable.